We charge £2,000 plus VAT for an annual contract. This is charged up-front and there is no refund for ending it earlier than a year. Alternatively, you can pay daily at £10 plus VAT. If you go with the daily rate then there is a 30-day minimum period, after that you are billed monthly in advance.

The initial invoice should be paid by bank transfer and after that we invoice either annually or monthly by direct debit.

We operate seven days a week, but you should give us 48 hours’ notice of collection or drop off. We normally work between the hours of 9-5 but will try to fit in with your timing where we can.

Click here to see our full T&Cs which you will need to sign and return online before dropping off your car.

Our fee includes the following:

  1. A fully secure, dehumidified and dust-controlled environment.
  2. Four deliveries and four collections per calendar month between 9am-5pm. This is subject to 48 hours’ notice. Additional fees apply with less notice or outside usual working hours.
  3. Washing on first arrival (additional washing/polishing easily arranged at cost).
  4. We will roll your car once a month to avoid tyre flat spots, although we recommend agreeing a regular schedule of running the car which is subject to additional charge.