Robert Browning, our general manager at Broadpeak, is a professional car ‘detailer’. His expertise in restoring paintwork to concours standards is second to none. Car detailing is a slow methodical process. It needs care and skill and can’t be rushed but the results are usually stunning.

‘Detailing’ is the name given to paintwork correction – the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint. It aims to eliminate the swirls you can see in bright light and get the car back to something approaching the way it looked when it was new.
Good paint correction requires a high degree of skill and concentration, but done properly, it really can transform the look of a car by dealing with (amongst other things); hard water marks, etching caused by bird muck or fly squash, swirl marks, scratches and fading; as well as years of poor valeting and washing.

Done professionally, paint correction is entirely safe and will not cause any issues for your paint. For the vast majority of cars, paint correction will make a substantial difference to the appearance. Not only that but the resulting finish will have an amazing gloss, depth and slickness.

Please do chat to Robert if you would like a quote to detail your car.