Johnnie Gallop – Founder

After a long career in the City I started Broadpeak to store my own car collection in top condition having been less than impressed with some other storage solutions. We are deliberately small and expect to provide a perfect service for a few owners who seek excellence. Of course, we aim to make a profit but actually our over-riding concern is to find a small group of owners who share our desire to be passionate, meticulous and straight-forward; who require their cars, be they vintage classic or modern, in a ‘ready-to-go’ condition but who, nevertheless, care about the investment potential and often the historical status of their vehicles.

I have been extremely fortunate to secure Robert as our general manager at Broadpeak who I believe is the embodiment of our aim to be passionate, meticulous and straightforward.

Robert Browning – General Manager

From my earliest memories cars have always held my passion, the look, the sound – and as soon as I was old enough – the drive.

For me I was always going to work within the automotive industry. I spent some years at a dealership both in sales and aftercare but ultimately was unfulfilled and moved on to form my own detailing business.

Car detailing allows me to understand every curve and edge of a vehicle; to find every minute difference in shapes and paint shades. Rectifying paintwork is a pure joy and it is so wonderfully satisfying to restore a car to its former glory – sometimes I can get it to a better state than when it originally left the factory!

I am delighted to head up the team at Broadpeak and work with owners who, like me, regard their vehicles as art and design icons and who demand the finest attention to every detail.